Match Your Donation

Many employers will partially or fully match donations to charitable organizations. You can get even more value out of your donation by reaching out to your employer to see if they have a matching program.

Does your employer match charitable contributions?

After you’ve made your donation, you can help even further by reaching out to your employer to see if they have a matching program. Companies often match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations.

We are thankful to partner with great companies, including the ones shown below. If you don’t see your company, your employer may still offer a matching program, so be sure to reach out!

How does the employer matching process work?

1. Donate on GoFundMe

Make a contribution to the Mask Our Heroes’ GoFundMe Campaign. Every dollar counts! 

2. Submit Matching Request

Submit any documents that your employer requires to qualify for their matching program.

3. Employer Reviews Request

Your employer reviews your matching request to determine eligibility.

4. Donation Verification

Your employer will reach out to us to confirm that you made a donation.

5. Employer Matches

Your employer sends a matching check based on the amount of your donation.

6. Request Confirmation

Email your match receipt to for a confirmation from the team.

How can I help?


Every dollar counts! Your contribution will help save lives by keeping hospital supplies stocked, nurses gowned, and doctors protected. Additionally, all donations are tax deductible thanks to our partnership with Lunar NYC.

Spread The Word

Share this campaign with your friends and encourage them to do the same!