Together, we can protect our heroes on the frontline.

Our healthcare professionals are the most valuable resource in our fight against COVID-19.

Rooms can be converted to ICU beds, vents can be built, but it takes years to train a qualified healthcare professional. Our doctors, nurses, and other medical workers are risking their lives on the frontline to protect us, but they are running out of critical supplies. Without protective equipment, our medical workers are at risk of becoming victims, and many already have.

Mask Our Heroes and Lunar NYC Inc are combining our expertise and manpower to secure the best quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our healthcare workers. 100% of all donations are tax deductible and will go towards the purchase of medical grade PPE such as masks, gloves, and gowns to support our medical workers. We are here to ensure the heroes on the front line are properly protected.

Mask Our Heroes is mobilized

March 22nd

Reached $10,000 in donations

March 23rd

Purchased first order of 1,200 N95 masks

March 24th

Purchased an order of 20,000 KN95 masks

March 25th

Reached $20,000 in donations

March 28th

Launched GoFundMe campaign

March 29th

Purchased US-Sourced Cardinal Health ASTM Level 3 masks

March 31st

ASTM Level 3 Masks Arrived

April 2nd

Donated masks to Mount Sinai Queens, New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan, and Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

April 3rd

Donated masks to NYU Langone Brooklyn, West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai West, Flushing Hospital Medical Center, and Center for Urban Community Services

April 6th

How can I help?


Every dollar counts! Your contribution will help save lives by keeping hospital supplies stocked, nurses gowned, and doctors protected. Additionally, all donations are tax deductible thanks to our partnership with Lunar NYC.

Match your donation

Many employers will partially or fully match donations to charitable organizations. You can get even more value out of your donation by reaching out to your employer to see if they have a matching program. We are thankful to partner with great companies, including the ones shown below. If you don’t see your company, your employer may still offer a matching program, so be sure to reach out!

Spread the word

Share this campaign with your friends and encourage them to do the same!

Frequently asked questions

Which hospitals has Mask Our Heroes donated to already?
  • Mount Sinai Queens
  • New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan
  • Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
  • NYU Langone Brooklyn
  • Elmhurst Hospital
  • West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Mount Sinai West
  • Flushing Hospital Medical Center
  • Center for Urban Community Services
Where can we follow and find updates on the campaign?

We will be posting all updates on Instagram @maskourheroesNYC and on our GoFundMe page!

I’m having trouble donating through PayPal. What’s wrong? 

Many of the users who have reported issues have found success opening GoFundMe through a different browser. 

If this doesn’t resolve your issues with donating through PayPal, contact us at for assistance. 

Do you support front line workers and hospitals outside of NYC?

Yes. Our efforts are focused on addressing critical shortages currently happening in NY and surrounding area hospitals. As these fires are put out, we will utilize infrastructures already in place to reach other affected areas.

How soon are my donations put into action?

Immediately! We have identified US domestic as well as international sources for quality PPE, and have a dedicated team communicating with them DAILY. We are dedicated to getting high quality PPE into our heroes’ hands NOW.

Can I really make a difference?

YES! This is the collective question we all asked as we began this journey together. Each dollar and each word-of-mouth recommendation helps to bring another quality PPE to our heroes.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Thanks to our partnership with Lunar NYC Inc., all donations to Mask Our Heroes will be tax deductible. If you would like a receipt for your donation, please contact

If you’re a business owner and you have the means to take action, make a large tax-deductible donation.

Who do I contact for questions and concerns?

You can reach us by emailing, or leave us a message via the contact form below.


For general inquiries, you can reach us at or send us a message via the form below.